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Complete with calibration kit.

The air sampling pump the industry has been waiting for.
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The Sporecyte Advantage

Earn more
from your inspections

For the first time ever, mold testing is not only affordable for your clients, but enables you to earn much more than you could with current methods.
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Minimal startup costs

Use your current pump, or purchase the Starter Kit if you don't already offer mold tests today. Purchase additional supplies from our shop.
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Simply the best report in the industry.

Our reports are designed to stand alone and provide your clients with clear action items requiring no interpretation by you. Our reports also include actual images of what's in their home's air!
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No extra time required

Collecting air and surface samples is easy to learn and can be performed while you carry out your normal home inspection.
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Fast report turnaround

Fast response times are critical to home buyers. Our standard turnaround time is the same day we receive your samples.

*Samples must arrive by 1 pm MT for same day report delivery.

Learning & How-To Resources

You can view Field Guides, Webinars, read our blog, and get access to downloadable files to help you get started or improve your mold inspections.
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Over 50% of homes have mold issues* but only 5% are tested during home inspections.

Traditional mold testing techniques are costly, take a lot of time, and don’t deliver on their promises, often with sub-standard or difficult-to-interpret reports. The Sporecyte Mold & Air Indoor Air Quality Test is the first of its kind, enabling you to make extra money on each job with minimal extra work, while delivering a top-notch result to your clients.

Professional PDF Reports

The way you present the results of your mold test is just as important as the technology that’s behind it.

Our reports are delivered in PDF format, with visual representations of the quantity of mold, individual counts of mold and air particulates, and even pictures of the actual objects that we’ve found.

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Show your clients what’s in the air they’re breathing

A picture speaks a thousand words. The impact of being able to actually show your clients what is in the air in their homes is huge, because it makes air, which is invisible and hard to relate to suddenly very real.

90+ Mold Spores

Stachybotrys (Black mold)





Aspergillus / penicillium




10+ Air Particles

Particulate matter

Animal skin

Human skin


Insect parts



How we price our service

It's simple: the report, and shipping.
Harrison Inspection
Harrison Inspection
Harrison Inspection
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I am so happy with Sporecyete, this company is truly dedicated to Home Inspectors. The mold reports are thorough and easy to understand, my clients rave about them. If you are a Home Inspector you really need to use Sporecyete for your mold testing and education, they are the innovators in this field. I am so excited about their newest products coming out!!!!
Cassandra McGee
Cassandra McGee
Duke Inspections
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Our home inspection company has been using Sporecyte for about a month now and I couldn't recommend them more! When we switched to this company for all our mold testing, they set up a call to train us on everything needed to make working with them go as smoothly as possible. The results almost always come the same day they receive the samples, and the reports are very thorough and easy for our clients to understand. Overall I have no complaints and can say any company would be in good hands working with them.
Casey Larsen
Casey Larsen
Pillar to Post
Read More
We have been working with Sporecyte for a few months now and they have been great to work with! Always super fast to get mold results back and their reports are unmatched! I have never seen anyone that actually shows pictures of the mold on your sample before, so cool. They're very reasonably priced too! When there are little human error issues, Jim is always so fast to get back to us and make sure its resolved. We have been super happy with our switch to Sporecyte, as have our customers.
Tamill Acker
Tamill Acker
Nations Best Home Inspections
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Sporecyte is the best platform for mold reporting that I’ve ever worked with. My customers and realtors love the east to read reports and quick turnaround of the results. I’m so glad that I found them. The Best in the business….hands down.
Robbie Harrison-Garcia
Robbie Harrison-GarciaSafe & Sound Home Inspections
Read More
Everyone at Sporecyte has been incredibly communicative, caring, and professional. Their ability to provide quality service with quality products in a perfect amount of time is something we greatly appreciate! We struck gold the day we started working with Sporecyte.
Rich L.
Rich L.Advantage Home Inspectors
Read More
"I am the owner of a home inspection company, and we use Sporecyte for mold testing. I could not be happier. Their reports are very easy to understand and go into a lot of detail. They are very prompt about getting the reports to me. It has helped my business reduce our turnaround time.
Ryan Herring
Ryan Herring Paragon Inspections
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Sporecyte has really helped with our customer service. Their reports are so clear and easy to understand, my clients love them, and they make me look great! In addition, Sporecyte has a convenient drop-off location for those close by with the chain of custody forms in the box. It's super convenient! Thank you, Sporecyte, for being so easy to work with!
Joel Ross
Joel RossElite Home Inspections
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I have used Sporecyte for my mold and air quality testing for a while now. They use AI-Driven technology; it’s very sensitive, accurate, and affordable. In addition, their reports are much easier to read and understand than their competitors. I will refer to Sporecyte 100 percent of the time.

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We’re here to make the switch to Sporecyte easy.

Fill in your contact info below and we’ll reach out to you to get you set up right away.

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