How it works

At your job site

Choose locations

On site, you’ll be collecting a control sample from outside.

This reading will be the basis for determining what comes from the home itself and what is already present in the ambient air.

Then you’ll sample at least 2 locations within the home, ideally where dampness or mold is suspected or at risk.

Take samples

Set your air sampling pump in the desired location, press the Air-o-Cell or Posi-Track air sample cassette onto the pump, and press the sample button.

When completed, remove the cassette, replace the protective film, and move on to the next location.

For more detailed information about sample collection, check out our Field Guides.

Mail in the samples

Once you’re done sampling, place the air sampling cassettes into the appropriate Pak, complete and include a chain of custody form (available in the app or from here) and affix the prepaid return label that we included with your supplies.

You can drop it off at the nearest dropbox of the shipping provider, and you’re all set! Your report will be available the same day we receive your samples.

At Sporecyte

We digitize the samples

When we receive your air sample cassettes or surface sample tape/swabs, we remove the glass slide containing the air sample, and digitally scan it using whole slide image scanners that contain powerful microscope lenses.

This produces the digital images that we send to the AI.

We perform the analysis

Our AI then identifies and counts mold spores and air particulates. Our algorithms are taught using hundreds of thousands of images that industry experts have identified (it’s like having multiple mycologist experts analyzing every one of your samples).

One of our analysts then confirms the results and generates your report.

We generate the report

Once we have analyzed all of the samples in your job, our system compares the indoor samples with the outdoor sample, and generates a Mold Elevation Level indicator, (or a Mold Growth indicator for surface samples).

We then select several actual images from the sample and include them in the report, along with recommendations for the home owner.

Not your average mold testing

Traditional method

Sporecyte method

Can cost up to $300 for laboratory costs alone for a standard job.

Just $20 for a standard air, tape, or surface sample.

3-day turnaround time is standard. Same-day results are prohibitively expensive, if available at all.

Standard same day turnaround time.

Typically only 30% of samples are analyzed because manual analysis is so time consuming.

Sporecyte analyzes 100% of samples in just minutes thanks to our AI algorithm.

Reports are purely data driven, with little to no consideration for ease of interpretation.

Our PDF report includes representative graphs, images and even recommendations.

Limited or no reporting on air particulates

We report on over ten of the most commonly encountered air particulates.


Each sample in a report costs
$20    Air, swab & tape samples accepted

Samples are grouped into a Sporecyte Mold & Indoor Air Quality Report.

Each report includes:


  • Same-day report turnaround guaranteed*
  • We only charge for the report when we deliver it!
  • Air samples must include at least one outdoor sample.

*Samples must arrive by 1 pm MT for same-day report delivery.

2 options for return shipping

We provide
return shipping


Choose the “Prepaid Overnight Return Shipping Labels” option on checkout.

You can put as many samples as can fit into each envelope.

Your credit card will be automatically charged when we receive your samples.

You provide
return shipping

Your cost


When you order your supplies below, choose the “I’ll pay for return shipping” option.

No hidden charges, no additional costs. All you pay is the cost of the report.

Air Sampling Cassettes

Our technology is compatible with the industry’s most widely-used air sampling cassettes, the AllergencoD Posi-Track and the Environmental Express Air-O-Cell. 

Both are easy to use and fit on the Sporecyte Professional Air Sampling Pump as well as many commercially-available air sampling pumps.

Other sampling cassettes exist, but have characteristics that make them incompatible with standard pumps or our service. If you have any questions about air sampling cassettes, feel free to reach out to us, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

The Sporecyte Mold
& Air Quality Report

Hands down the best report available today.

Designed and certified by industry-certified mycologists the Sporecyte Mold & Air Quality Report comes as a completely portable PDF, and includes:

90+ Mold Spores

Aspergillus/Penicillium Chains
































Smut, Perconia, and Myxomycte-like




and many more…

10+ Air Particles

Particulates & sizes

Animal skin

Human skin


Insect parts



Insect parts

and more…

World-leading AI: The
future of mold testing

Sporecyte is part of a larger company that is developing cutting-edge AI-powered solutions for the veterinarian and human health markets.

Using the same techniques as the ones used for Sporecyte’s mold and air particulate test,
Techcyte is creating software solutions for laboratories and hospitals around the world
that help improve patient outcomes and save lives.

The impact that this technology is having is major, and will shape the future of mold testing.

How do we use AI?

The technology we use is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI),

which uses computers to do things that normally require human intelligence. This means creating algorithms to classify and analyze data. It also involves acting on data, learning from new data, and improving over time. Just like a small human child growing up into a smarter human adult.

The difference between AI and regular programming?

Regular programs define possible scenarios and only operate within those defined scenarios. AI ‘trains’ a program to accomplish a specific task and allows it to explore and improve on its own. A good AI ‘figures out’ what to do when met with unfamiliar situations. Microsoft Word cannot improve on its own, but facial recognition software can get better at recognizing faces the longer it runs.

To apply AI, you need data. Lots of it.

AI algorithms are trained using large datasets so that they can identify patterns, make predictions and recommend actions, much like a human would, just faster and better.

At Sporecyte, we’ve done just that.

We have collected hundreds of thousands of images that we have tagged and given to our AI software, which then figures out the best way to detect Stachybotrys or aspergillus. We then use that to analyze the samples we receive, and generate the reports that you show to your clients..

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We’re here to make the switch to Sporecyte easy.

Fill in your contact info below and we’ll reach out to you to get you set up right away.

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