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Sporecyte has revolutionized mold and indoor air quality lab analysis and reporting by developing AI tools that assist human technologists in reading mold & air quality samples.

Our technology enables us to be faster, more accurate and consistent than competing labs.

The Sporecyte difference

Historically, the industry only analyzes 20 to 30% of a sample, because it simply takes humans too long to analyze more.

But spores often clump together and are not evenly distributed across a sample. By not analyzing the whole sample, there can be large variations of high and low counts, depending on if the analyst missed groups of spores.

However, in recent times, fueled by the demand for better graphics processors (GPUs), the gaming industry inadvertently accelerated the development of artificial intelligence by making very powerful GPUs, which are at the heart of making AI possible.

Using our cutting-edge AI technology,
we analyze 100% of every sample.


Our software never gets hungry, tired, has operator bias or a sick day. It’s the same Monday morning and Friday afternoon, and is deterministic, meaning that it gives the same results on any sample no matter when it is tested.


Dylan McIntosh

  • CIH (certified industrial hygienist)
  • PAACB (Pan American Aerobiology Certification Board)
  • McCrone Research Institute graduate
  • Managed an environmental lab in Chicago for 8 years
  • Performed hundreds of home and building inspections


John Haines

  • Sr. mycology scientist, New York State Biological survey (retired)
  • Instructor at the McCrone Research Institute
  • World leading mycologist

Sporecyte is a licensed Texas Mold Analysis Lab #LAB1063

Sporecyte participates in the AIHA Environmental
Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing Program,
Participant Number 300603

A part of something big.

The Clinical Pathology AI Platform

Techcyte is ISO Certified 13485 (medical device), HIPAA compliant, and SOC2 compliant.

Sporecyte is the brand name that we use for our environmental air quality software solution, developed especially for home inspectors. We are passionate about our role in revolutionizing indoor air quality testing, bringing exciting opportunities to home inspectors, and making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Techcyte has partnered with Zoetis (ZTS: NYSE) for global distribution of their veterinarian line of software solutions. Zoetis is the world’s largest producer of medicines and vaccinations and other animal health products, and is currently deploying Techcyte’s software worldwide, already with over 3 million cases successfully analyzed.

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Start Using Sporecyte

We’re here to make the switch to Sporecyte easy.

Fill in your contact info below and we’ll reach out to you to get you set up right away.

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