About us

The Sporecyte story

Sporecyte started as a singular vertical within its mother company, Techcyte. Techcyte is the industry leader for AI-driven digital diagnostics. Their mission is to transform the way we solve problems in healthcare by harnessing powerful deep machine learning (AI) to improve the work of labs, augment the work of lab professionals, and expand the field of digital diagnostics.

In 2016, three years after Techcyte was founded, we learned that there was a significant need for accurate, fast, and consistent mold and air quality testing. In particular, we were troubled by the World Health Organization’s finding that up to 50% of homes have moisture issues (the cause of mold problems), but that less than 5% of homes in the U.S. were even being tested for mold. 

Upon learning that mold sample collection was performed using microscope slides, and that the analysis was performed through microscopes in a tedious, labor-intensive process, we decided as a company to take our expertise in machine learning, our world-class AI platform, and our algorithm development tools, and focus on three verticals: Techcyte for humans, Vetcyte for pets (now Vetscan Imagyst, being sold worldwide by industry giant Zoetis), and Sporecyte for environmental air quality. That’s where Sporectye was born. 


The first few years we spent perfecting the algorithm and technology. First, we attempted to train the AI the same way Techcyte has seen success with human blood, but that didn’t work. However with each adjustment, each iteration, we got closer. The big breakthrough occurred when we applied a training method that we were seeing success with in another vertical, to air particles. Since that time, we’ve been adding more and more data to improve our algorithm’s accuracy. After several years of fine tuning the technology and training the AI, Sporecyte was made available to the public in 2020.

Today Sporecyte still uses the technical expertise of Techcyte to generate fast and visually interesting mold and air quality reporting. Instead of using AI to count and classify human cells, Sporecyte uses the technology to count and classify mold spores and air particulates.

Labs: Sporecyte makes labs better:

  • Reduces turnaround time, enabling labs to deliver results faster 
  • Improves the accuracy and consistency of lab analyses
  • Lowers Lab Costs
  • Lowers Human Fatigue and eye strain

Home inspectors: Sporecyte offers home inspectors the opportunity to add a valuable service to their home inspections

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Visual Reporting
  • Easy access to professionals