About us

The Sporecyte story

Sporecyte is an environmental division of Techcyte that uses a cutting edge AI-based platform to produce mold and air quality reports.

Techcyte is an industry leading, digital diagnostics and AI platform for human, veterinary and environmental clinics and labs


In 2016 we noticed that there was a significant need for accurate, fast, and consistent mold and testing. 

In particular, we were troubled by the World Health Organization’s finding that up to 50% of homes have mold issues, but that less than 5% of homes in the U.S. were being tested for mold.

We were very fortunate to get connected with John Haines. John is a world renowned mold expert and instructor at the McCrone Institute.  We attended his “spore camp” in the mountains of New York and John later joined Sporecyte as a key advisor.

The first few years were spent perfecting the AI algorithm and scanning capabilities. This led to several patent pending innovations that improve the reliability of digitizing mold traces. 

After several years of intense research and development, Sporecyte launched in 2020.  The result is a SAAS platform that produces the most consistently accurate and visually appealing mold reports in the industry.

Labs: Sporecyte makes labs better:

  • Reduces turnaround time, enabling labs to deliver results faster 
  • Improves the accuracy and consistency of lab analyses
  • Lowers Lab Costs
  • Lowers Human Fatigue and eye strain

Home inspectors: Sporecyte offers home inspectors the opportunity to add a valuable service to their home inspections

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Visual Reporting
  • Easy Access to Professionals