Sporecyte uses surface samples to help determine if discoloration on a surface is mold growth and if so, what kind of mold is present. Surface samples do not require closed conditions or reference samples.

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Sporecyte recommends having extra Surface Sample Tape Cartridges and Sample Swabs supplies. Homebuyers often want to take more samples than they originally planned.

Needed Supplies:
  1. Chain of Custody Form (printed or digital)
  2. Surface Sample Tape Cartridges (min. 3)
  3. Sample Swabs (min. 3)
  4. FedEx Shipping Package
  5. FedEx Shipping Label addressed to Sporecyte

To collect surface samples, use the Surface Sample Tape and Surface Sample Swabs purchased from Sporecyte does not process surface samples collected using other methods or materials.



Tape lifts are perfect for sampling hard surfaces like attic sheathing, walls, tile, etc. The Tape Lift method should not be used for surfaces that are heavily soiled, dusty, or wet. Swab samples should be taken in these situations to prevent messy samples and inconclusive results


While wearing gloves:

Make sure to label the slide and not the transport case.

While wearing gloves