Field Guide – Presenting the Mold & Air Quality Report to Your Clients

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Now that you have the results from the air and surface samples, you can present the report to the home buyer. The report will be emailed to you and you can forward it to the home buyer.

We know the job of a home inspector is to inspect and test various areas of the home, not to be an expert on each area. The report can be given to the home buyer as is, but if the home buyer has any questions, you can answer their questions with the information below. The report gives clear answers to the home buyer’s mold questions along with further information and explanations if the home buyer needs it.

The report will give you clear answers on the amount of mold found in the home, if any is found. The results page for airborne tests has clear graphics to show if a sample had none, slight, or major mold elevation. Surface samples feature a similar graphic to show if mold growth is present or not. Along with an explanation of the mold level or growth, the report can feature notes from the Sporecyte lab if more explanation is needed. 

The results pages can also direct you or the home buyer to Sporecyte’s resources page for further information or actions to take. 

The report includes the raw data that Sporecyte used to interpret the results. The data is highlighted for ease of interpretation with orange meaning “Slight Elevation” and red meaning “Major Elevation”. The data is also presented with the more important categories first.

There are no government established safe or healthy levels for mold inside the home, so Sporecyte compares the amount of spores found inside the home with the amount found outside. We use this comparison to find out if any spores found inside the home are naturally occurring from the outside environment or if mold is growing inside the home. The highlights on the report will reflect this comparison and let you know if a high number of spores found inside is concerning. 

If an outdoor air sample was not provided, the report will not include any interpretation of the results.

Each sample you give Sporecyte to analyze will be shown in the report, including an overview “trace” image of the particles on the entire sample and a zoomed-in image of an interesting area of the slide. Sporecyte is the only mold report on the market that offers these interesting looks into what is actually in your air!

If you took surface samples, the report will feature an analysis of the samples along with images.

trace image for the sporecyte report

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