Field Guide – Shipping, Report Delivery, and Billing

After collecting your samples, ship them back to Sporecyte for analysis. The process is simple:

*Check the pickup time at the FedEx drop-off location to avoid missing the last pickup time of the day and delaying delivery.

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Be sure to include an outdoor air sample in the shipment. This will help Sporecyte interpret the results of the Air & Surface testing. If an outdoor air sample is not included, Sporecyte will not be able to issue a report for your job.

After emailing your report, Sporecyte will automatically bill your credit card for the analysis and report.

The minimum charge for a report is $99. This includes:

An additional $30 charge will be applied for each additional sample after the first 3 samples. 

Sporecyte prepays the shipping and the cost is included in the price.